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Simply print, fill out and mail to:
Camp Palawopec · 3497 N. Clay Lick Road · Nashville, IN 47448

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Mom & Dad
You should mark your camper’s name on all items where possible and pack them in a trunk or gear locker. A suitcase or pack will work fine too. Don’t rush out and buy all new clothes; camp is a great place to wear out old ones. Note: A sleeping bag is handier on overnights than sheets and blankets.

Spending Money
The regular camp fee includes everything your camper will NEED at camp plus his/her camp T-shirts, badges, crafts, out-of-camp trips, camp store, and nominal amounts of spending money when necessary. If you do leave money with your camper, please make it minimal to avoid problems.

Letter Writing & Packages
One of the high points of being away from home at camp is getting mail, so write often. We encourage campers to write home at least once a week — though the results are not exactly spectacular. The gals do a better job of writing than the boys. When you do write, try not to bring on a case of homesickness by telling your camper how much you miss him and that his dog hasn’t eaten since he left. You will no doubt get requests for “Care Packages.” These are OK — just try to include an extra cookie or piece of gum for tentmates. You should also expect to hear from your camper’s counselor once during the session as to how we are progressing.

A major part of the camp program is out-of-camp trips. During a session, we will visit the Village of Nashville and see the old log jail, art gallery, etc. We’ll also be out of camp on canoe trips, horseback trips, cave exploring trips, backpacking and biking adventure trips, etc.

While we do not discourage visiting, we also don’t encourage it. Camp is a good time to let your son or daughter “go it alone” so to speak. Sometimes visits or even anticipated visits by parents can bring on a case of homesickness in a younger or new camper. The best approach is to tell your child you’ll see him/her on pick-up day and you’ll write some cards to keep in touch. If you plan to visit, call first to make sure your camper is not out on a trip.

Phone Calls
We do have a phone at camp but it is for emergencies only. Parents and campers should not expect to be calling back and forth while camp is in session. If you need to get in touch with us or with your child, call the camp number (812) 988-2689. If we’re not around the phone when you call, leave a message and number and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Remember, emergencies only, please.

Special Requests
There is a place on your application to note special requests for being able to bunk with a friend or buddy. We’ll always try to arrange campsites so campers can be with their friends. Sometimes, though, a cabin or tentsite won’t hold all the campers who might want to bunk together. But we’ll try our best to make everyone happy. Just keep in mind that one of the greatest benefits from a camping experience can be new friendships.

Length of Camp Stay
Whenever possible, we would recommend at least a two week camp stay. While we realize that not everyone’s schedule will allow two or more weeks of camp, what we’ve seen over the years is that the greatest benefits of a camping experience seem to come during that second week. So many times, the first week is spent getting to know you way around camp, getting to know people’s names and in general, just learning the routine of camp; it’s that second week when everyone finally loosens up and relaxes that kids seem to have the best time. So many times in a one week session, just when you are starting to relax and feel a part of the camp, just when you start making friends and start having a great time — it’s time to pack your gear and go home. So, if you can swing it at all, try to come to camp for at least two weeks. If you do come for just a week, and then decide you’d like to stay longer, this is OK too. As long as we have room, you’re welcome to extend you camp time.

Airport Connections and Pick-Ups
If your camper is flying into Indianapolis International Airport, we will be glad to meet him/her and pick up gear. Indianapolis is about an hour’s drive from camp. There is a charge for staff driving to meet airport arrivals or for us helping your camper get back on a plane to fly home. Trip charge to or from the airport from camp is $100 each way.

Other Information
Camp is a great place to work on Scouting advancements. Bring cards and books, merit badge pamphlets etc. Please don’t let your camper bring large knives to camp. A pocket knife is OK. Also, don’t let your campers bring fireworks; we’ll take in a local display over the 4th. We also discourage expensive radios, CD players, etc. There is no electricity in the campsites.

If your son or daughter is taking any medications at all during camp, we must have written instructions regarding these medications from your family doctor. Please remember to bring your physical form to camp with you when you drop off your child. A recent school or sports physical will be OK. Finally, know that we are here if you should need us or have any special concerns. We want your child to have the best possible summer camp experience. If you have any questions, please call (812) 988-2689.