Camp activities
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We emphasize fun!

We do what kids like to do! Creek hiking, canoe overnights, cave exploring, Indian lore, challenge course — all those fun things you just can't do in school, or at the mall or even in your backyard. We'll swim, fish, play basketball, baseball, soccer and volleyball.

We’ll go hiking and backpacking, mountain biking and climbing; and we’ll see what's happening down at the archery range, over at the craft shop — and maybe even “go for gold” in our own camp olympics. Participation in all activities is voluntary, but encouraged — with emphasis again on fun and learning new things, as opposed to competition or “winning at any cost.”

the Waterfront Program

Water, water all around — and that’s no exaggeration! Canoe overnights, kayak racing, swimming, diving, water polo games, watermelon scrambles, fishing — plus instruction in swimming, life saving and water safety. There’s a big sandy beach and even a great rope swing that goes out over the lake — the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer afternoon.

Adventure Trips

Each summer, Camp Palawopec offers a special co-ed adventure trip program. These expeditions are designed for older campers ages 12 - 16 who want the ultimate challenging outdoor experience. Backpacking in Colorado… canoeing in Minnesota… biking across Montanaorwatching the bonfire whitewater rafting down some or our country’s wildest raging riversthese are truly unforgettable adventures! Check out your summer application form for current trips. Sign up early and bring a friend!

the Campfire Program

The final and most impressionable moment of the day will come through participation in the evening campfire program. Gathered around the glowing embers, campers and their counselors will strum guitars, sing old campfire favorites, and share jokes, ghost stories, and skits for the perfect ending to a memorable day. activities tour download an application

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