Attention parents, staff, campers, and friends. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented conditions. The most difficult part of anything is the not knowing and this situation has been nothing but one unknown followed by another. I would like to take a moment to share with you what we know now and how that knowledge will impact the Palawopec summer camping experience.

Please know that we realize the decision to send your child to camp or not is a deeply personal and individual decision. The reasons for your decision are as complex as the personalities of every camper that attends camp. Regardless of the factors that influence your decisions, it is only fair that you understand the reasoning for our decision to hold camp this season.

Since 1965 Camp Palawopec has been a sanctuary for campers and staff from the concerns of everything life has thrown at them. School, divorce, anxiety, loss, grief, and so many more of the pressures that we all know too well children and young adults are faced with every day. We have become a place where boys and girls grow into confident, compassionate, empathetic, strong, young men and women willing and eager to go into the world and make it a better place. We don’t begin to think that we do this on our own, but we realize that we play a major role in the development of these youngsters and we don’t take that role lightly. The world is a better place because of the campers and staff that get to spend their summers here, and if ever there were a summer when the campers and staff needed camp, this is the summer.

We have reviewed our policies regarding personal hygiene and the sanitation of communal spaces. Our goal is to try and find feasible ways of mitigating the risk of exposure to anyone who comes to camp. This is, and will be, an ongoing process throughout the season as the global situation progresses and new guidance is released that will inform our decisions. While our best efforts to maintain good practices of disinfection can help to reduce the chance of spreading anything, the best defense that we have will be the judgment of individuals who choose to enter the camp space. As a result, a Waiver of Assumption of Risk will need to be signed and on file for every camp participant before engaging in camp activities.

We ask that you practice social distancing to the best of your abilities for at least two weeks (14 days) leading up to you and your camper's scheduled camp session. If you, your camper, or another member of your household is not feeling well, we urge you to stay home. This is not only to increase the odds of your child having a fun and healthy time at camp, but to provide that same chance to the friends your child will be making this summer!

We are making an effort to mitigate as much of the risk as we can, while still providing your children with the summer camping experience everyone has come to love from
Camp Palawopec.

Safety Measures in Place

  • Temperature checks for everyone arriving at camp. This includes campers AND staff.
  • Daily temperature checks of campers and staff each morning.
  • Modified arrival and departure procedures on Sunday and Saturday morning. Parents will not be permitted to accompany campers to the campsites during drop off. Campers will be greeted and then after goodbyes they will be taken by staff members to their campsites. Parents will remain in the front to complete the registration and sign in process. Parents can see the campsites and grounds on Saturday during pick up prior to the sanitation of all campsites.
  • In the event a camper or staff develops a fever or exhibits any other symptoms associated with the COVID virus, parents will be notified immediately and asked to come pick up their child. The camper or staff will be allowed to return to camp only after they have gotten an all clear from a physician.
  • Modified and added sanitation procedures of all camp common areas. This will include, but isn’t limited to:
    • Disinfecting the dining facilities after each meal, restrooms, shower house and commissary
    • Weekly disinfection of sleeping areas after every Saturday departure
    • Disinfection of any vehicle after a trip
    • Where feasible we will disinfect equipment/gear between activity periods and trips
  • We will not take any trip that may require restroom or gas stops to eliminate the chance for exposure. All trips will leave from camp and go directly to the start point. While on trips campers and staff will not interact with anyone from outside of camp. When the trips reach their destination they will be picked up and return to camp with no stops along the way.
  • We will be canceling the traditional Friday trip to town. We realize it is a favorite tradition and know that it will be missed. We feel it is more important to prevent the exposure of both the campers and the store clerks so town will have to wait till next summer.
  • Campers will not be permitted to share any items while at camp. All campers should come to camp with a personal water bottle/canteen.
  • Care packages and letters will be held for 24 hours before being passed out to the campers. Please make arrangements to ship packages early enough to allow for this measure. No packages will be returned if they arrive after a camper departs.
  • Hand washing and hygiene will be vigorously encouraged by the staff and campers and staff will be expected to willingly take part when asked to wash hands and or clean up.

Camp's mission has always been and continues to be providing an environment for kids to learn, explore, and grow in a space that allows them to feel safe and comfortable as individuals. Although this year brings a layer of uncertainty, we hope to continue providing a place that allows your kid to be a kid.

Sincerely, In Camping

Mike Nickels
Nate Nickels

Download a PDF application here

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